Jamie | 7. October 2020

Cloud9 Completes Fortnite Roster With “Chap” Signing

Cloud9 have announced the arrival of Ryan “Chap” Chaplo, with the former Team Liquid man being one of the very few original Fortnite competitors remaining in the scene. The American began his Fortnite career with World Best Gaming back in 2018, before representing Liquid for a period of almost two years.

Why Chap Choose Cloud9

Chap has been battling it out as a free agent since his departure from Team Liquid back in April, where he was widely regarded as the leading figure of the team. With many Fortnite teams having made major changes of late, news broke of the 25-year-olds decision to move to Cloud9. Some six months after his exit from Liquid, Chap finally made a decision regarding his future, with Cloud9 breaking the news at the beginning of this month.

Chaplo will team up with former Liquid teammate Noah “Vivid” Wright, who joined Cloud9 back in September. The Cloud9 Fortnite roster is now complete, with Alex “Fryst” Radziwill De Barba, Avery and Nosh completing their lineup. This is undoubtedly one of the strongest lineups in the North American Fortnite scene, with both original players and newcomers on their books, making them one of the leading contenders going into Season 4 FNCS.

Why Cloud9 Could Now Be the Team to Beat

However, with a host of new Fortnite organizations and teams having been established of late, it will certainly be interesting to see how such names cut it alongside their more established rivals. Cloud9 will be difficult to stop however, with many having made them the favorites, even at this early stage.

Chap also has some 1.3 million followers on Twitch, while he finished in 10th position when he competed last, coming at the Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 4 Warmup – NA-East alongside Coop and skqttles. In fact, his last tournament success came at the Contender Duo Cash Cup (Ghost) Week 3 – NA-East back in April, however he could likely become a regular winner now that he is with Cloud9.