Call of Duty Streamer Tommey

Call of Duty Streamer “Tommey” Handed 14-Day Twitch Ban

Popular Call of Duty player and content creator Thomas “Tommey” Trewren has been issued with a temporary ban by streaming platform Twitch. The Brit will not be unable to upload content for 14 days, with it having revealed that the ban was received due to the display of “non-sensitive personal information in a VOD”.

While any specifics are unknown at this stage, it appears that the 100Thieves man will have to take a break from streaming for the time being. Tommey himself was perplexed by the ban, stating that he had not been given a reason for it. The 28-year-old called the incident “pretty bizarre”. As well as not being able to deliver content to his followers, Tommey will also be unable to compete in any Warzone tournaments.

What Tommey Has Said on the Ban

Speaking on his official Twitter page, the former Team Vitality, Fnatic and Team Reciprocity player posted: “I received a very vague reason without any clip or context. I’ve been on Twitch for over ten years, it’s been pretty much my life and one of the only things I’ve enjoyed doing since then.”

While two weeks doesn’t seem a long time, it will seem like an age to Tommey, who has built his following on Twitch to almost 250,000. Twitch has a habit of going quiet after issuing bans, rarely releasing any information regarding such incidents. Leading Esports personality Dr Disrespect was handed a permanent ban by Twitch last year, with the full details still remaining unknown.

How Tommey Made His Name

Tommey is arguably the most successful and popular British Call of Duty player in history, with his following on social media and streaming platforms having grown steadily over recent years. He joined 100 Thieves in November 2020, a move which has only enhanced his growing reputation. He is also one of only two players to have competed in every million dollar tournament, having been one of the most successful European players for many years.

The veteran CoD player was philosophical in breaking the news, adding the following to his Twitter post: “Tough spot right but I appreciate the support from you all and I’m sure everything will fall back in place soon.”