| 26. November 2020

Big News From Valve About the New Season and the New Hero

After several months of silence, Valve has finally offered us an update regarding its plans for the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit. Here’s what we learned.

Dota Plus

A new season starts on December 1st. This will feature a seasonal quest rest, new seasonal treasures and more.

Overwatch System

This is a tool that allows users to review suspicious games and help identify smurfs, cheaters and so on.

New Hero and New Patch (7.28)

Dota 2

Both of these things will arrive around mid December. All things considered, I expect Valve to set the date around 19th – 20th December. Originally, the new hero was supposed to be presented on November 30th, but “she” needs more time. So we already know that it’s a she. Apart from that, it’s hard to speculate what this new hero will be like or what it will do.

As for the new patch, I can’t wait to see what new items and item changes it will bring. The heroes will likely see some massive changes too, because the meta is extremely stale right now. At the tier 1 level, the teams know exactly how things work and the best of them have become seemingly unbeatable because of that.

As always, in order to spice things up and give everyone a lot of work to do, IceFrog will probably reserve the right to stir the waters and change the game so radically that everyone will start playing new strategies. Of course, that will be at the professional level. In pubs you can still expect to see Pudges all over the place.

Dota Pro Circuit 2021

This was probably the most important part of the announcement. The new DPC is scheduled to start on January 18th, 2021. Each of the 6 official regions will feature two divisions. In total, 16 teams per region will do battle regionally and the best of them will qualify for the first Major of the season. More information will be released soon.