Fabio | 1. April 2021

BDS and NaVi Continue Winning Streaks in EUL Stage 1

After the first three match days, two favorites have made their way to the top of the standings. But a lot of teams are edging ever closer to them and no lineup can feel safe yet.

BDS Esport and Natus Vincere are leading the charge right now with three victories each. Team Empire and are at the bottom of the league, whereas Rogue have already placed themselves within the Top 4. So far, Secret have been struggling to cope with their two new player additions, and after a surprise win on the first day, they have only recorded one-sided losses. The new Vitality lineup was able to earn three points after a strong victory on the most recent play-day. Only two wins separate them from the top of the standings, but obviously BDS and NaVi can still keep themselves up there with wins of their own.


So far, TrainHard Esport and Cowana Gaming have been unable to impress in their EUL matches. However, TrainHard have already faced some of the strongest opponents in this league in the form of BDS and NaVi. The same is true for Cowana, who had to compete with NaVi and G2. So it’s much too early to write these teams off. Every match will be a valuable experience for them and will help them to improve and further solidify themselves as strong contenders within the European League.


So far, these two teams look like they’re going to play out a phantastic EUL Stage 1. Now that Empire don’t really pose a threat anymore, there aren’t a lot of rosters around that can actually step up to BDS. Still, the frontrunners’ victories don’t bear a lot of significance, as they haven’t even met the middle-of-the-pack teams just yet.

Obviously, and Empire aren’t on the same level anymore. Instead, G2 Esports and Rogue are increasingly stepping up to the plate after seemingly successful roster changes. Rogue in particular were able to bounce back from a crushing defeat on the first day to beating Vitality in an overtime match on Day #2. They even achieved a 7-2 finish over later on. So far, BDS and NaVi haven’t had to face the two. As soon as these sides clash, we will finally be able to see whether the current frontrunners are actually still cut out for the top.


Soon, Rogue will have to face Empire. The Russian teams desperately seeks a victory, as their single point in the standings puts them miles away from actually mounting a decent placement. VP are bound to clash with NaVi and so it looks as though they won’t be able to end their streak of bad luck just yet. Going up against G2 Esports, Vitality will get the opportunity to climb up to third place. But obviously Jordan “Kayak” Morley and his men will try to secure a third victory to fight for the top themselves.

BDS will get a free pass in the form of Team Secret. For two match days straight, Kevin “Prano” Pranowitz and his colleagues have suffered decisive losses – so they shouldn’t pose a threat to the French powerhouse. TrainHard will face Cowana and show us who’s got the upper hand between these two new organizations within EUL.