| 17. May 2021

Atlanta FaZe Topple New York Subliners, Win the CDL Stage 3 Major

As expected, the third Major of the 2021 Call of Duty League has been an absolute blast and, much like most predicted, Atlanta FaZe have once again emerged victorious after a thrilling seven-map finals against the New York Subliners! They’ve been looking exceptionally dangerous all year long, and have impressed us in every which way thus far.

After dropping the ball on Garrison Hardpoint, they proceeded to mop the floor with NYS on Checkmate SND (6:5), Garrison (Control, 3:0), and Moscow Hardpoint. The Subliners then responded in force on Miami SND, but it simply wasn’t enough as FaZe recouped their composure the sealed the deal on Checkmate Control and Raid SND. The fashion in which they’ve played has truly erased all doubt: they’re the best and most capable team in Call of Duty League, and their second Major of the season proves as much.

It didn’t come easy, though. After cruising past the Dallas Empire, they were pushed to their limits by Toronto Ultra before dropping to New York (2-3) in the upper half of the bracket. Altanta then had to trade blows with Toronto yet again before enacting their vengeance over the Subliners and bringing home the win.

2021 — The Year of Atlanta FaZe

With an incredible 69% map win rate thus far (and an equally impressive 22W-4L overall tally), they’re poised to continue dominating for the months to come and should, by all means, be able to carry this momentum into the second half of the season and subsequently the playoffs.

They’ll now take $200,000 for their efforts, lick their wounds, and return to play on May 27th alongside the rest of their peers. All in all, the 2021 CDL season has been incredibly exciting thus far; with FaZe winning yet another Major, it’s hard not to be excited for what’s to come. Moreover, there’s a burning question in the air, and we cannot wait to see it answered: will anyone be able to challenge them going forward? They’re not infallible, as evidenced by this most recent Major run, but they’re obviously a cut above the rest — at least when it matters most.

Finally, if you couldn’t tune in to the grand finals for whatever reason, you can catch all the action down below!