Jamie | 13. November 2020

Astralis Launches New Talent Development Scheme

Popular Danish Esports organization Astralis has announced the launch of a new talent development scheme, which will focus upon the transition of young players into the professional scene. As part of the scheme, recruitment platforms and training partners will be associated with some of Astralis’ most essential teams.

As a result, young talents will get the same education and access to staff as Astralis’ professional players. Speaking upon the announcement of the initiative, Astralis CEO, Anders Hørsholt said that: “We have invested significantly in creating the optimal conditions for professional esports players and we aim to constantly progress as an organization, as teams and as individuals. By introducing ‘Astralis Talent’, we invite local talent to be a part of our set-up and culture with the ambition to integrate young players into a healthy, competitive environment, introducing them to the life of a true professional.”

How the Astralis Talent Development Scheme Will Work

Astralis will work closely with young players, mainly teenagers, and their parents, with teams to be created surrounding both League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive initially. Three League of Legends teams and two different CS:GO outfits are expected by the end of the scheme’s first year.

The organization has wasted no time in hiring additional staff to work on the scheme, with Mikkel Donby having arrived as League of Legends talent team Head Coach, who will be assisted by Anders Schultz. Meanwhile, Dennis Vang will be the Head Coach of the Astralis talent CS:GO team, with current Astralis Head Coach, Danny “Zonic” Sorensen being his assistant.

Why This Has Long Been in the Making for Astralis

Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports at Astralis, spoke of his excitement at the announcement, stating that: “Ever since we started, we have had discussions around how to implement talent development into our overall strategy without compromising in other areas. We finally feel we have the resources and facilities and we have gained a lot of experience, which we obviously did not have when starting out. Our new team coaches in League of Legends have brought a lot of experience and ideas and together with zonic, performance manager Lars Robl and the three new talent coaches, we will have an extremely strong group around the teams.”