Jamie | 5. November 2020

Astralis Announces the Return of Xyp9x

In a move which has restored one of the most historic CS:GO lineups in history, Astralis has announced that Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth has returned to the organization. The Danish star has been absent for over six months after taking a break from competitive action, however the 25-year-old is now back and hoping to take Astralis back to the top of the scene.

Having been at Astralis since back in 2016, Xyp9x is regarded as one of the leading CS:GO pros of all time, having regularly come up clutch for the organization over the years. The Dane took time out earlier this year as a result of stress and fatigue, with Astralis having also had to cope without in-game leader Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander, who also took an extended break back in May.

Why Astralis Will Be Delighted by the Return of Xyp9x

Despite many roster changes over recent months, Astralis have been unable to reach the heights in which they previously met. The likes of JUGi, Snappi, es3tag and Bubzkji all filled in for the team, with Astralis even having a seven-player lineup for the first time in the history of CS:GO.

However, the return of Xyp9x means that the players who were not part of the original Astralis lineup have all been removed from the organization’s five-man roster. As a result, JUGi is looking for a new team, while Snappi moved to c0ntact back in June. Es3tag has since joined Cloud9, with his performances for Astralis having led to the North American’s making their move in October.

How Astralis Fared Upon Xyp9x’s Return

Xyp9x has four Major titles to his name alongside Astralis, with the Dane having helped the organization in beating MIBR’s new lineup at the BLAST Premier Fall Series, along with a success against G2 Esports. G2 had beaten FURIA in order to set up an encounter with Astralis, who eventually came out on top 2-1.

Astralis has won three consecutive majors and a host of other events, including the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals at the end of last year and the IEM Katowice in March 2019.