| 3. September 2020

Apex Legends Potentially Getting Cross-Platform Progression

Fans and players rejoice! Cross-platform progression might be coming to Apex Legends after all! Some might say that this is long overdue, but better late than never. There’s still no official confirmation, but a few crucial lines of code were datamined recently, all of which point towards cross-platform progression being in the works.

Why Is This a Big Deal?

Cross-platform progression basically means that you’ll have one Apex Legends account which you’ll be able to use across all platforms. Right now, if you buy a console, for example, you’ll have to start off from scratch — a brand-new, level one account without any of the items and unlocks you’ve attained in the past.

This, obviously, isn’t the most ideal situation. Especially not if you’ve been grinding like a madman and are forced to change systems for whatever reason. So the fact that players will be able to take their accounts and game on any platform of their choice is simply fantastic. This isn’t a breakthrough feature, though, and it’s long been present in Fortnite. Epic Games have released their venerable IP on basically every platform you can think of. You can game on PC, for example, and then log in on your phone and still have access to all of your items, skins, and anything else you might own.

Apex Legends obviously isn’t as popular as Fortnite (and Respawn don’t have quite as big of a budget), so it’s easy to understand why they couldn’t pull off such a feature any sooner.

Cross-Play Included

Cross-progression isn’t the only thing that’s coming to Apex Legends over the coming months. Once Respawn Entertainment releases Apex on Steam and Nintendo Switch, they’ll enable cross-play as well. This basically means that you’ll be playing on a unified server so to speak regardless of your platform of choice. So if you’re playing on a PlayStation 4, you’ll now compete with those on Xbox and Nintendo without even knowing.

Dividing your playerbase is never a good idea, and Respawn knows it. Cross-platform play should be a universal thing, and yet for whatever reason it still isn’t as widespread as it should be. While we’re still light on details, it’s fair to assume that PC players will be able to select whether or not they want to play against console gamers and vice versa. Playing with a mouse and keyboard is obviously a lot easier, and Respawn would be wise to maintain competitive integrity by allowing players to opt-out of cross-play at will.

In the meantime, while we await official confirmation, make sure to log in and queue up as the sixth season of Apex is currently underway!