| 22. October 2021

AMD Ryzen ‘Rembrandt’ APU With RDNA 2 iGPU and 8c/16t Spotted Online

The very first AMD Ryzen 6000 series APU (also known as “Rembrandt”) has just been spotted online which, if you’re into budget gaming, is definitely a cause for celebration! This particular APU will be based on AMD’s Zen 3+ architecture and will come with the latest and greatest integrated graphics from “team red:” RDNA 2!

Now, that second part is what we’re most interested in. The processor itself is hugely important — to say the least — but we’re more focused on the iGPU and the presumed gains RDNA 2 is expected to bring!

According to Linus Sebastian (of Linus Tech Tips fame), AMD’s latest iGPU tech will bring up to a 50% performance uplift over Vega which, is true, is absolutely amazing news! Now, Vega iGPUs have already been pretty darn stellar for what they are, but they do somewhat pale in comparison to Intel’s integrated Xe graphics. In other words: they’re starting to show their age, and AMD simply needs to put out something a bit more powerful so as to better compete with Intel.

That’s why these Ryzen 6000 APUs from AMD are so darn interesting.

The fact that they’ll be manufactured on TSMC’s 6nm node means they’ll be a whole lot more powerful and energy efficient. Zen 3+ will not be ground-breaking, but it will bring a series of improvements along with higher clock speeds, so there’s really no reason to complain.

AMD Ryzen 6000 | This One’s For Notebooks

This particular APU was unearthed on UserBenchmark months before its expected reveal which means it’s all but guaranteed to be an engineering sample. In other words: don’t take its performance at face value as it’ll surely be a lot more powerful upon release.

Moreover, the memory it’s been benchmarked with is of the SODIMM variety, which means it’s a “mobility variant” that’ll be housed within laptops and NUC-like machines, rather than any full-fledged computers. And, well, it’ll have a much lower TDP as well which will invariably cap its performance.

As for its iGPU, the initial results are incredibly promising! This engineering sample has managed to beat both the Iris Xe DG1 and NVIDIA’s GeForce MX350 even without dual-channel RAM helping it out. Once that “mistake” is corrected, it’ll no doubt deliver best-in-class performance within its (incredibly modest) power envelope. And, frankly, we can’t wait to see in action as it’s bound to “revolutionize” the budget gaming segment of the market!

AMD’s Zen 4 architecture is still a ways off, but if this (small but hugely important) iteration can deliver in terms of graphical performance, it’ll no doubt make the wait for Zen 4 a whole lot more palatable!

Expect an official reveal (and a lot more coverage) around CES 2022!