Jamie | 14. October 2020

Actor Asa Butterfield Signs for Team Liquid

Team Liquid have announced that British actor Asa Butterfield is the latest member of their eSports organization. While it is not yet clear as to exactly what role The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Sex Education star will fulfill for the organization, it is the latest in a long line of moves outside the box for Liquid.

Butterfield regularly demonstrates his love for gaming on his social media platforms, however the 23-year-old is undoubtedly more talented in front of the camera. Team Liquid announced on its official Twitter page that Butterfield had joined their family on Wednesday. While not going into detail regarding his arrival, it was revealed that Butterfield would be on standby should Liquid need a sub for either Dota 2 or Super Smash Bros matches.

How Butterfield Reacted to His Arrival at Team Liquid

Having his say on the announcement, Butterfield replied to the Tweet from Liquid by posting “YOOOOO??! Kind of unreal, I remember finding all the Starcraft2 streams on liquipedia back in the day, they were the first esports team even I knew of. Thanks for bringing me in gang Folded hands let’s do some coooool shit”.

Asa Butterfield

We are yet to be treated to any of Butterfield’s highlights from the gaming world, however judging by his Tweet, it is clear that the star has a long affinity with Team Liquid. The addition of the actor is unlikely to be with an improvement in eSports performances in mind, with Butterfield not being the only non-player to have been signed by the organization over the years.

Could We See Butterfield Streaming for Liquid?

A move from acting to eSports would also be a major shock, given Butterfield’s success in both movies and TV over the years. However, it could well be that we see him stream and create content under the banner of Team Liquid, especially given the fact that filming is being made difficult due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. I’m sure many film buffs and eSports enthusiasts would be keen to see what he can deliver in this area too. Butterfield has a clear love of gaming and anime, so be wait patiently to see exactly what his arrival at Liquid really means.