Fragster | 30. July 2021

Activion Blizzard – more details about the “Cosby Suite” revealed

More details about Blizzard’s infamous “Cosby Suite” revealed. Following the lawsuit filed by the state of California and an open letter from Blizzard employees, several photos and text screenshots have now surfaced, revealing details about a hotel room and group chat at BlizzCon 2013 and confirming the victims’ stories.

The screenshots show at least five current and former Blizzard Entertainment developers discussing plans to lure in women into the “Cosby Suite” for sexual favors. Through the screenshots, it becomes clear that Alex Afrasiabi, a World of Warcraft developer, was not the only one who knew about the “Cosby Suite,” which is specifically named in the lawsuit.

What is the Cosby Suite?

Cosby Suit was the nickname for Afrasiabi’s hotel room at BlizzCon 2013 and a reference to the name of actor and serial-rapist Bill Cosby. The Bill Cosby story was as relevant then as it is now. Cosby was first accused of sexual assault in 2005 and thirteen years later convicted of three counts of aggravated assault Since 2005, Cosby has been accused of sexual abuse by about 60 women.

The infamous suite served as a meeting place for BlizzCon attendees and was filled with alcoholic beverages and a large portrait of Bill Cosby in a black frame. The photos were originally posted by Afrasiabi in an album on his Facebook page, but more came up during the following days.

In the group chat, the five Blizzard developers discussed their plans to lure women into the space. The developers were Afrasiabi, current Blizzard designers Cory Stockton and Jesse McCree, former Blizzard developer David Kosak and and current Riot Games game producer Greg Street, who also used to work for Blizzard back then.

“I’m collecting the hot chixx for the Coz,” Kozak wrote “Bring them on,” Afrasiabi replied. “You can’t marry them all, Alex,” Kozak replied. “I can, I’m from the Middle East,” Afrasiabi said. “You spelled fuck wrong,” McCree replied. Cory Stockton also commented that the chat is, “possibly the best group chat in the history of mankind.”

It gets even worse

Since the lawsuit was filed, many women have spoken out about their experiences at and with Activision Blizzard, including some accusations against Afrasiabi of sexual abuse and inappropriate behavior. Olivia Grace, a former World of Warcraft esports project manager tweeted that Greg Street invited her into the Cosby Suite and that another employee became “handsy” with her.

Afrasiabi was known to harass women. At events like BlizzCon, he would “go up to female employees and tell them he wanted to marry them, try to kiss them, and put his arms around them. This happened in front of other male employees, including supervisors, who had to intervene and pull him away from the female employees.”

Afrasiabi is the only person other than Blizzard President J. Allen Brack named in the complaint which makes it easy for the other perpetrators to distance themselves.