| 5. December 2021

A Guide to CS:GO Settings

One important factor in CS:GO is settings. Good settings should be considered before playing any CS:GO match. Anything starting from DPI to video settings, game settings, etc. In the following guide, I am going to give you some of the best CS:GO settings and tips.

Video Settings

Depending on your computer specifications, video settings are very important for good performance. I like to play on 1280×1024 resolution, like a lot of professional players tend to do, because the enemies look a lot wider. You should decide between a 16:9 aspect ratio or 4:3, depending on your personal preference. The brightness should always be turned up to maximum, as you want to see the enemies even in the darkest rooms on the map. Try to play with very low settings, then limit your fps at your monitor’s refresh rate. The refresh rate of your display refers to how many times per second the display shows a new image. If you want, try to set your quality settings higher, but keep in mind the fact that you should have a stable frame rate. You can monitor your fps by turning on the console from game settings, then typing in the console the command “net_graph 1”.

Console Commands

Think of console commands just as shortcuts. The console is there for you to execute commands without going through entire menus of stuff you don’t need. You could even set your crosshair, fps, or viewmodel using the console. Some useful commands are: “fps_max”; “cl_Showfps 1”; “fps_max_menu”. You can use those commands to monitor and control your fps. You can even see your teammate’s load-outs, money, or other stuff on top of their name, using the command “+cl_show_team_equipment”.

Game Settings and Audio Settings

We all hate that song that starts up with CS:GO every time you load the game. You can stop it from audio settings, in the Main menu volume section. From there, you can lower your voice chat volume, in case you don’t want to hear your loud teammate’s voice. Also, some game settings you should disable from the Game Settings tab are the Switch weapon on Pick up and Open buy menu with the use key, as they mostly only mess up your gameplay.

Crosshair and ViewModel

The crosshair and viewmodel are going to be mostly your personal preference. I personally like using workshop maps to generate my own crosshair and viewmodel. You can download workshop maps using the Steam browser. Some people like to use the CS:GO own crosshair generator, from the game settings, or even websites that have the settings of some pro players. Try to have your own style of crosshair and viewmodel instead of copying anyone else, as you’re the one who is going to aim with that crosshair on the enemy player.

Do Not Install Programs Outside CS:GO

You may see on YouTube some CS:GO fps boosting programs. Most of them can be viruses or even programs that may steal your steam account. No program can boost your fps without making changes to the game. The only way to reach a higher fps is by overclocking your graphics card or CPU.


Photo credit: IEM|Timo-VERDEIL