Jamie | 18. September 2020

$6 Million Raised by Bayes Holding in Bid to Expand Esports Data Offerings

Bayes Holding, a gaming and Esports data provider based in Berlin, has secured a significant $6 million in a financing round, that was established in an attempt to further expand data and content offerings on its own platform as well as develop new features that could benefit both consumers and suppliers.

Formally known as DOJO Madness, Bayes Holding secured investment from the likes of the Sony Innovation Fund and the Pohland Family Investment Group, Fertitta Capital. A series of additional investors from the world of sport and media also helped them reach such a figure.

Who are Bayes Holding?

Bayes Holding only themselves became profitable this year, with the company having increased its year on year revenue growth after completing a restructure earlier in 2020. This restructure included changing its name from DOJO Madness to Bayes Holding, however the more significant difference came in shifting its focus to just B2B products and services.

Today, Bayes now operate and own two different businesses, coming in the shape of Shadow Esports and Bayes Esports Solutions. Shadow Esports develops analytical tools for both Esports organisations and teams, while Bayes Esports Solutions distributes industry data to betting, broadcasting and media customers. Bayes Esports Solutions is also a joint venture that was established with Sportradar in 2019, which is the world’s leading sports data firm.

What Other Fields Does Bayes Holding Operate In?

Bayes created a number of data partnerships last year, which included the purchase of exclusive data rights for League of Legends Esports from developer Riot Games, along with a deal with ESL, one of the leading event organisers in the business. Meanwhile, the Bayes Esports Data exchange was also launched by Bayes and Sportradar, acting as an independent Esports data marketplace.