Fragster | 24. July 2021

100 Thieves – Lexus comes right after Gucci

Lexus comes right after Gucci. The 100 Thieves seem to have acquired a taste for high class. They recently announced a collaboration with Gucci, and now comes the next luxury brand collaboration with Lexus as their first luxury car partner.

Lexus is an automotive brand of Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation that has been around since 1989 and whose cars can cost up to several 100 thousand euros. The teaser for the new collaboration is a short video in which four of their content creators,

“100 Thieves is honored to have Lexus as sponsor”

Valkyrae, Enable, Yassuo and Fuslie, get out of a Lexus. The 100 Thieves Content House is renamed the Lexus Content House, and Valkyrae and Fuslie are now Lexus ambassadors. The organization tweeted that they are “honored to have Lexus as an official sponsor of the Content House.”

CEO of the 100 Thieves, Matt “Nadeshot” Haag said in a statement, “We are thrilled to partner with such a legendary and high-quality brand as Lexus. Both of our brands value quality and innovation in their respective industries. We’re really looking forward to showing our fans a new set of wheels and all the great content that will be coming out of the Content House.”

The 100 Thieves is also working with other companies including Rockstar Energy, AT&T, and Twisted Tea.