| 7. November 2020

100 Thieves Join the Call of Duty League as the Los Angeles Thieves

100 Thieves have just announced their entry into the Call of Duty League under the Los Angeles Thieves brand! We’ve known about this for quite a while, with Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag giving out multiple hints, but now it’s finally official. Needless to say, this is quite exciting news if you’re into competitive CoD. Heck, maybe that’s even an understatement.

Nadeshot has made his name and career in competitive Call of Duty, and to see him go back “to his roots” is definitely a wholesome (and perhaps long overdue) moment. His foray into CoD will undoubtedly jumpstart many new narratives and even re-ignite a couple of old ones too. He’s a very interesting personality, and will no doubt continue creating ample content for fans and viewers across the globe. Some have argued that 100 Thieves should’ve been a part of the Call of Duty League from its inception, but better late than never.

100 Thieves has taken over the CDL slot previously held by OpTic Gaming and will compete starting with the 2021 competitive season. The game, of course, will be different, with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War hitting the shelves in mere weeks.

Call of Duty League | Los Angeles Thieves Line-Up

Eric “Muddawg” Sanders will serve as the general manager, with Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat, Kenny “Kenny” Williams, and Zack “Drazah” Jordan currently signed on as starters. There’s still one spot left, and it’ll be interesting to see whom the LA Thieves will end up going for. Thomas “TJHaLy” Haly will also potentially make an appearance although that’s somewhat unlikely as he’s currently just a substitute.

The LA Thieves will also field two additional rosters, one for Call of Duty Warzone and another for Call of Duty Mobile. This kind of came as a surprise, but at least they’re going all-in, with both games having sizable playerbases. Nadeshot is obviously no stranger to Warzone either, as it’s pretty much his go-to game whenever he’s streaming. And, frankly, he’s still darn good at it as well, even though he hasn’t played competitively in quite a while. It’s very natural to see him and his brand involved so closely with Call of Duty, and it’s fair to assume they’ll find a ton of success over the coming months and years. Nadeshot knows he has to deliver, and he’ll probably have a very hands-on approach going forward.

When 100 Thieves failed in Fortnite, most people didn’t care all that much; Call of Duty, however, is a completely different beast. They need to deliver and fortunately, they have all the right tools to do so.

Finally, their official announcement video is more than worth your time. Regardless of what you think of 100 Thieves’ overall competitiveness, it’s hard to deny their skills at making engaging, top-notch content. They’re truly the best in the business. Take a look: